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thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: this is the "live desk." i am martha maccallum. trace: i am trace gallagher. this is where the news begins. if you swing over here, this is the foreign desk covering the globe. every single picture that comes into fox news channel comes in right here along the media desk. here on the "live desk" we begin with break-in news. martha: disturbing new information on what may have motivated a shooting spree at a pennsylvania health club. a man shot and killed a three women during the wounded nine others when he opened fire in an aerobics class in pennsylvania. >> a lot of people started running around. i took off my headphones and i kept hearing boom, boom, boom. i heard about 30 shots. i started ducking down. i got out as fast as i could. i helped carry out one girl who was shot in the thigh. she kept saying she was going to die. it is crazy stuff. i am in shock. martha: the shooter was keeping a block ofblog the detailed his hatred of women.
they are on or perhaps they will now be willing to talk to us within the context of the six-party talks about the international desire to see them denuclearized. >> your husband spent more than three hours with kim jong-il. he is the highest ranking person to visit north korea, you know, in more than a decade. is that a possible breakthrough? >> well, we won't know. i mean that wasn't the purpose of it and it certainly is not anything worth counting on, because the obama administration has to deal with north korea going forward but i hope that north korea makes the right choice. i hope that they realize that we are sincere in our offer to have a different relationship with them if they are willing to move toward the full and verifiable denuclearization. and i think the entire world would welcome that change on their part. >> so there were talks between the united states and north korea? that's step. >> well, we do have some channels to talk with north korea and as the background briefing you received from high administration officials made clear overnight, when the message c
through the door, we saw, standing before us, president bill clinton. [applause] >> he got what he wanted, but can he govern a divided nation? president ahmenijad is sworn in. throwing stones -- palestinians say they have been abused in custody of israeli soldiers. welcome. we are broadcast on pbs in america. coming up later for you -- an unlikely savior for the humble honeybee. in the last place you might think of. picture perfect pass. we take a look. -- picture-perfect pets. hello to you. after the surprise, tears, and algiers, the speculation. how will north korea's sudden release of two journalists at the behest of former president bill clinton affect the relationship of the two countries? laura ling and euna lee are now back in california. president clinton will be briefing president obama on his meeting with kim jong il. from washington, our correspondent. >> the plane touched down in california. [applause] the two journalists, laura ling and euna lee, rescued from the prospect of 12 years in a north korean labor camp. she had not seen her mother since the arrest on the chinese- no
the u.s. economy lost 371,000 jobs last month. to keep up with population growth, economists figure the u.s. needs to create 130,000 jobs a month. in a recovery, the u.s. should create something like 300,000 to 400,000 a month, enough to begin reducing unemployment significantly. that means the country won't recover the jobs lost to this recession until somewhere around the year 2014 at the earliest. economist dean baker says it won't be easy to replace the jobs lost because the recession has slammed housing and auto manufacturing, two sectors that usually drive the recovery in hiring. >> in the case of residential construction, we have enormous over-capacity. it's very difficult to imagine any significant increase in employment in that sector for years to come. in the case of autos, we can see increased demand, we probably will see increased demand, but a lot of that demand is going to be for foreign cars right now. >> reporter: of course, the economy will eventually create enough jobs to make up for those lost in the great recession. but those jobs may also be in different industr
by one of the suspects. inside, investigators say they found chemicals used to manufacture meth, as well as a loaded .45 caliber pistol. the couple's relationship to the children, all but one of whom is under the age of 12, is still unclear. those children are now in state custody. while the couple are being held on $100,000 bond at the county jail. >> good evening, i'm jean casarez of the legal network "in session" in for nancy grace. thank you for joining us tonight. has the desperate search for an 8-year-old idaho boy robert manwill come to a tragic end? >> the tentative identification has been made of the body found in the new york canal as that of 8-year-old robert manwill. robert was reported missing 11 days ago. some are demanding immediate answers. we understand and we appreciate the community's intense interest in this case and the compassion that so many of us feel for a lost child. for robert's sake, and the sake of his family, the answers we provide must reflect the answers that can only come from a thorough investigation. that investigation is still very much under way. >> t
. >> we were taken to a location, and when we walked in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> more of their emotional homecoming and details on how it all happened. >>> we're following a developing story. late-breaking details in the deadly shooting at a gym near pittsburgh. what we're learning about the suspect. >>> a bold new positive pofl to reduce the number of teenage std cases about the area. wait until you hear what d.c. schools are talking about doing. news 4 midday starts right now. >>> you're watching nbc 4 live from the leading news station. this is "news 4 midday." >>> good morning. we begin this midday with breaking news. the two american journalists arrested, convicted and sentenced to a labor camp in north korea are finally back on u.s. soil. they arrived in california just about two hours ago after a harrowing journey. brooke hart with the late-breaking details now. >> reporter: journalists laura ling and euna lee touched down on u.s. soil and to the family reunion of their lives. >> we could feel your love all the way in north korea.
, and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> donald kirk is a correspondent for the christian science monitor. he's spent the past 12 years based in south korea. >> caller: i think it's a big deal in the sense that it says korean relations. the fact that kim jong-il was glad to receive a high-profile american visitor in the form of bill clinton was certainly interesting. there's hope that perhaps it'll be possible to resume negotiations on one level or another. >> outside of the united states, reaction was mixed. in nairobi at a conference of african leaders, secretary of state hillary clinton told reporters, she was excited by the news. nonetheless, she reiterated america's hard line regarding north korea's nuclear program. >> they have a choice. they can continue to follow a path that is filled with provocative actions, or they can decide to renew their discussions. >> in south korea, reaction to thnews of the release of lee and ling was noticeably subdued. north korea currently detained several hundred south koreans. some of whom acciden
to a meeting . we were taken to a location and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. shepard: ling says when they saw him, they immediately knew their north korean nightmare was ending. >> to our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and to the complete strangers with the kindest of hearts who showed us so much love and sent us so many positive thoughts and energy, we thank you. we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. it is what sustained our faith that we would come home. >> it speaks well of our country that when two american citizens are in harm's way, that so many people would just put things aside and just go to work to make sure that this has had a happy ending. shepard: we're starting to hear a few details about their time in north korea. laura's sister lisa ling says the women were kept in separate locations for almost their entire detention, reportedly seeing each other on only a couple of occasions. and laura said to be eager to taste some fresh food after all that time in a nat
hillary clinton. feather in the cap for u.s. diplomacy as these two women come home. back to you. >> george, thanks so much. >>> and this morning russia is flexing its military muscle with a highly unusual exercise far closer to washington than to moscow. in a scene straight out of the cold war, the u.s. military sent for days a pair of nuclear submarines have been patrolling over the u.s. earn seaboard. officials say the attaks have not entered u.s. waters or provoked american ships, this activity signals a more aggressive military snce by moscow. experts say it's likely an effort to display its naval strength which has been dramatically diminished since the soviet union's collapse. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> three shocks from a taser were no match for one tennessee suspect. the 300-pound man appeared unphased after an officer tasered him for resisting arrest. he got up and started walking oo away, so another cop shot a taser at him. that didn't phaseerth. despite the man pulling off probes, police eventually took down t
>>> homecoming. two u.s. journalists sentenced to serve time in a north korean labor camp are back home after several months away from their loved ones. good morning. i'm andrea roane. you are watching live pictures. this have the burbank airport in burbank, california. this is the private charter jet that carried former president clinton to north korea and bringing him back to the united states, on board with him the two freed american journalists euna lee and laura ling. these are pictures. these are live pictures. the jet just landed ten minutes ago and drove up to the hangar at the burbank airport which is known as the bob hope airport. with me, as we watched these pictures, is josh logan. he's a defense and foreign policy expert with cq and josh, your thoughts upon seeing this after these women were in captivity in north korea. >> first of all, we have to say this have a wonderful day for the family of the two american journalists who faced what we are sure harsh conditions in the north korean prison camp for months. months. the visit of president clinton to north
joins to us explain. >> reporter: jeff, fox45 news has learned tonight officer phrase mccystock is now on administrative duty. her begun and police powers have been taken away as an internal investigation gets underway. the story unfolded last february when officer mckissock reported joseph forestest tried to get her gun during a scuffle. forrest was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer. however, after the officer testified last week, the charges were dropped. >> in our mind, it was inconsistent, there were discrepancies. >> but we knew going in that she had given contradictory statements. >> reporter: although the charges against forrest were dropped in baltimore city, he remains in jail because he was wanted on a warn in howard county. kathleen cairns, fox45 news at 5:30. >> thanks, kathleen. police are currently looking for a montgomery county shoplift. the problem is they don't know if they're looking for a man or a woman. this person stole a $2,000 chanel dress from saks fifth avenue last week. security cameras caught the entire thing and store workers actually tried to
to come together this morning. they came back to talk to us. two of them knew each other, one didn't. i was talking to one of the woman's mother and she was watching them and saying, i didn't understand how important this would be because there is no one else who can understand what they're feeling. >> thank you very much for the update there and of course we're learning more details about this cold-blooded killer. >> that's right. disturbing picture that's been painted of him and as we hear about the effort to try to process everything that's happened, the bigger picture is still what was it like in that aerobics class when the gunman went on his rampage. among those wounds, the instructor, who was pregnant. she spoke briefly today from her hospital bed, but did not want to appear on camera. >> 30 hours ago -- >> okay, that was obviously one of the two american journalists. here's the right sound bite. she does not want to be identified. >> i remember thinking, i wanted to hold my breath because i was afraid if he saw i was breathing, he would shoot again. >> on the "today" show this m
shows 72% of voters are concerned about health reform driving up the deficit. joining us now. senate majority leader, dick durbin. good to talk to you. what did you come away with from talking to the president in terms of addressing what seems to be an overarching concern for americans? yes, they want health care reform, but not a deficit so deep it cripples their children and grandchildren. >> the president's already said we're not going to have health care reform we don't pay for. it's something the republican critics can't say about what they did. they left a deep deficit from the prips drug program. we know if we don't address health care reform, we're going to have deficits as far as the eye can see and we know the cost is beyond the reach of a lot of working families and small businesses. >> when you're sitting down in committee and talking about which of these plans to go forward, are there any plans that you see that you particularly like and think, you know what, we can make this work. >> there are element of many plans. there have been four different committees so far. the
anthems of canada and the united states, music that reminds us of our history, our traditions, our struggles, and our victories. will you please rise? ♪ ["o canada" playing] ["star-spangled banner" playing] thank you. please be seated. as we begin today, i am especially honored to be here and see for this year's air safety program -- yhour mc for this year's a safety program. we have but to get all the representatives of safety, security, jumpseat, and pilot assistance. and has been quite an undertaking. i am grateful for all the long and hard work of those who made it possible. it is my pleasure to introduce the committee chairs whose efforts led to this historic week. on my far right, united capt. rory kay. on my far left, first officer rich obert. i might direct left, national security committee chair robert powers. there are two more individuals on stage for us to welcome. first, the president of the airline pilots association, captain john prater, and the " honorable capt. randy that it -- babbitt. he is no. 1 in the faa. you get a pilots said it, it is it his signature on y
the drums of war over u.s. troop movement in south america. all that plus the all-star panel, right here, right now. bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking news within the last few minutes. a federal jury has found former louisiana democratic congressman william jefferson guilty of bribery. this case is best known, you may remember, with the $90,000 federal agents found in his freezer. national correspondent catherine herridge joins us live with details. >> according to reports we are receiving from the federal courthouse in alex an dree ya, the former congressman has been found guilty of 11 of the charges against him, including bribery, in one of the most notorious trials in the beltway within years. he was accused of accepting $400,000 in bribes and $90,000 was found stashed in the freezer of his d.c. home and in addition he was accused of seeking millions more in exchange for putting together business deals in africa. he was indicted in june of 2007, two years after f.b.i. agents began amassing the bulk of the case against him. the evidence came from an f.b.i. informant
by the national captioning institute >> bid morning. >> thanks for joining us. -- good morning. >> thanks for joining us for a 11 news today. >> we have a very good chance, about 50% chance of scattered storms. not everyone will get the rain fall. but the storms could be intense if you are caught in them. 71 degrees at the airport. 80 degrees at ocean city. a high of 89 degrees-91 degrees. partly cloudy skies. the front makes its head way through here late this afternoon. more on all of that coming up in a bit. >> nothing weather-related at the moment. the afternoon commute could be a different story. an accident in spite of i-70. the ramp has a delay there. a water main break on falls road. in medical call coming in southbound at the fort mchenry told plaza -- toll plaza blocking lang 15. here -- lane 15. here is a live view of the mountain road area. some nice movement around the white marsh area. that is the latest. over to you. >> thank you. our big story this morning, in a little more than an hour from now, some journalists who live in prison -- imprisoned in north korea
journalists are home after being set free by a north korean dictator and flown home by a former u.s. president who traveled halfway around the world to get them. it was an emotional homecoming in california for laura ling and euna lee as we learn more tonight now about how this all came together. we begin our coverage this evening with nbc's george lewis. >> reporter: free at last. the two journalists briefly savoring their return to america this morning, before being mobbed by their families. a poignant moment as euna lee's husband michael saldote, and 4-year-old daughter hannah held on to one another for dear life. and a big hand for the former president who secured the release of the two women after five months in captivity. >> we feared that at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp. when we walked through the doors we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> reporter: throughout the journalists' 140-day ordeal, the families of laura ling and euna lee held vi
in the arms of their families, euna lee and laura ling are now on u.s. soil. >> 30 hours ago, euna lee and i were prisoners in north korea. >> reporter: euna was reunited with her husband and 4-year-old daughter and laura with her mother and sister. they thanked president clinton 0 who brokered their pa pardon with kim jong-il. >> we saw, standing before us, president bill clinton [ applause ] we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> reporter: president clinton did not speak at the homecoming here but issued a statement saying he's happy the two journalists are reunited with their families. the reporters were working for al gore's tv venture when they were arrested for illegally crossing the border. after north korea indicated they would be open to a deal with clinton, the former vice president and the reporters ' families asked him to make a trip. >> this has had a happy ending. >> reporter: no one is happier than lee and ling who were serving a 12-year sentence. >> the past 140 days have been the most difficult, heart wrenching time o
and the u.s. military had to provide him one en route. shepard: a lot of troubles from that building with the north korean government. the overall relationship, how is it affected? >> well, secretary of state clinton offered today if the north koreans want to come back to six-party talks, they are welcome, but it's not clear whether the north koreans will take that up. in fact, the biggest thing that will probably come out of this is the intel that we will gain from bill clinton sitting across from kim jong-il who you will remember reportedly had a stroke last year in august and no foreigner has seen him ever since. shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jen, thanks so much. a couple of notes you may not have heard about this story. former president clinton apparently was not the only man considered for this job. "the new york times" is reporting now that the white house list of potential candidates included some other big names. among them, the former vice president al gore. again the women worked for his cable network. and the new mexico governor bill richardson who travel
helicopter accident on i-70. >> baltimore's hospital shift. how the u.s. ns comfort was welcomed home earlier tonight. >> and senior athletes. why age certainly is not the only thing remarkable about these women. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer has tonight off. crime and justice report are tonight. criticism over the arrest of 17-year-old lamont davis. >> davis is behind bars charged with attempted murder. following the shooting of a 5-year-old and another child. the man overseeing the department of juvenile services spoke to fox 45 to discusses gps monitoring and whether it works in keeping the public safe. >> we have seen a lot of success with this. and, i believe, we will continue to. you will always have some sensationalized stories like lamont davis. >> davis was being monitored. the gps manufacturer said the device can only track offenders if the ankle device is charged. but davis' case proves that there are limitations. >> you know, there are ways that you can get around th
population growth, economistsigure the u.s. nee to create 130,000 jobs a month. in a recovy, the u.s. should create somhing like 300,000 to 400,00a month, enough to begin reducing unemployment significantly. that means t country won't recor the jobs lost to this ressiotier the year 24 at the earliest. economist an baker says it won't be easy to replace t jobsost because the recession has slammed housing and auto manufacturing, t sectors that usually ive the recovery in hiring. >> in the case of residentia constructionwe have enormous er-capacity. it's very difficult tomagine any significt increase in employment in that sectofor years to com in the case of autos, we canee increased dema, we probably will s increased demand, but a lot of that demand igoing to be for forgn cars right now. reporter: of course, the economy will entually create enough jobs to make up for tse lost in the grt recession. but those jobs maylso be in diffent industries and many of the spific jobs that went away, may never come back. darren gersh, "nhtly business rert", washington. >> paul: sellers took mmand on wall st
for bringing us the breaking story. >>> several kids are recovering from minor injurieses. the bus hit an suv around 10:30 this morning at intersection of maple road west and courthouse road. the young students all between the ages of 5 and 7 were participating a fairfax county summer program. five of the kids were taken to the hospital. police are citing the suv 18-year-old for failing to yield. >>> chaos inside a pittsburgh health club. fourtdasig l n ihtnie d a last o ootingidens ie l.a. l.a. fitness club .ub pocepo say 48ear-old george sodini is the one who opened fire there. he killed three women and injured nine others before turning the gun on himself. the police now say the attack appeared to be carefully planned. >> he had practice runs at the l.a. fitness center. he had been there before. yesterday it showed he was there three times starting at 11:40 something in the morning. >>> they say last night's shooting wasn't his first attempt to attack the jim. >>> three frederick county teenagers have been charged with vandalizing the football field. police say they have admitted to burnin
councilwoman y vet alexander asking someone to call 911. many of us were here for a news conference called by the mayor on hiv and aids awareness. the tan vehicle was smoking. i never saw flames but somebody got a fire extinguisher. eyewitnesses tried to rush to pull open doors to get the drivers and passengers out of both vehicles. they removed some of the injured before firefighters could get here to use the jaws of life to remove them. the more seriously injured were medivaked to the hospital. it was terrifying and amazing to see the accident then to watch people including top city officials trying to help out. >> everywhere. she wanted to get out. she was conscious and everything. she was squeezing our hand and everything. we tried to keep her together until the ambulance and stuff got there. >> you don't know if anybody has a neck injury. it's great help. people's natural instincts. it's one of those things we have to be careful. that's why we are using the jaws of life and other things to get people out safely. >> we really do keep all of our energy focused on the five people who wer
in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> boy, can you imagine how they were overcome at that moment? lee and ling were employed by the media company owned by al gore. president obama watched this joyous reunion on television as we all did here. he said he is breathing a sigh of relief now that the women are back home. >> i want to just make a brief comment about the fact that the two young journalists, euna lee and laura ling are safely back with their families. we are obviously extraordinarily relieved. i had an opportunity to speak with the families yesterday once we knew that they were on the plane. the reunion that we have all seen on television, i think is a source of happiness not only for the families, but for the entire country. >>> we want to know what you think about this, does former president clinton's mission, do you believe open the doors to better relations with north korea at this point? give us a call at 1-877-tell-hln or e-mail us at and you can text us your views at hlntv. >>> police say a man killed himself after firing 50 bul
at the u.s. supreme court. it's interesting for the american public to know, is a supreme court justice is much different than an appellate judge or even a federal circuit judge, because they in fact are not bound by precedent. as an appellate judge, they have to follow precedent. and when they don't, they get reversed. and circuit judges, federal circuit judges have to follow precedent or they get reversed. but a supreme court justice has the freedom to change precedent, and that's why the inquiry into the candidacy and the qualifications of a supreme court nominee is so important. and it's also why our founders wrote extensively on what should be the qualifications of a supreme court justice. alexander hamilton stated in federalist paper number 78, the interpretation of the law is the proper and peculiar province of the courts. he further stated, it is indispensable in the courts of justice that judges have an inflexible and uniformdherence to the rights of the constitution. a nominee who does not adhere to these standards necessarily rejects the role of a judge as dictated by the con
lanes of traffic and cut it down to two. they will cut us off from the waterfront. >> the governor says the light rail will be nearer and quieter. >> it would improve housing values and the desirability of neighborhoods. >> the arguments in favor of moving the red line to the will one area is to make access to one building easier. reporting live, wbal-tv. >> that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think of the city's red line light rail plan? email us your response to >> community members took to the streets last night joining police as part of a national call to stand up to crime and violence in their neighborhood. it was nationalized out. it put people in police wiwho ae there to keep them safe. >> numerous people are coming up to the officers talking to them about problems in the neighborhood. that is what we want. >> it teaches them at a young age what it is about. they note the officers are here to the us and help fight crime in the community. >> some of the events served as recruiting opportunities for baltimore police. they recei
follow me on lou dobbs news on, i hope you will. thanks for being with us tonight, we thank you for watching. good night from new york. next, campbell brown. >>> tonight, here are the questions, we want answers. what deal did bill clinton make with north korea to free two american journalists held captive for nearly five months. is he the diplomatic rock star who will be sent to hot spots around the world? >>> plus, what secrets is the secret service keeping? a new book makes startling allegations. >>> and my exclusive one-on-one with "the view's" whoopi goldberg. >> this is a different kind of president. this is like a guy, this is like a regular dude. >> whoopi on sarah palin. >> she's much smarter than she let on and it irritated me. >> this pilot flew drunk, are drunk pilots still in the cockpit putting passengers at risk? >>> and president obama's birthday surprise. >>> hi, everybody, those are our big questions tonight. but we start as we always do with the mash-up. it is our look at all the stories making an impact. right now the moments you may have missed today. we'
a girlfriend. police say he had four handguns, used three and ultimately shot 12 people. authorities say he didn't have a relationship with anyone here at the l.a. fitness center, but he did have a schedule at home with a latin impact class. lindsay davis, abc news, ridgefield park pa. >>> anne arundel police have arrested a man for a murder last month in glen bernie. he's charged with first and second-degree murder in the death of 28-year-old lamont gordon, jr. police found his body july 15. according to police, he shot gordon to death and escaped to miami. he was arrested on unrelated charges in florida and extradited to anne arundel county. >>> a new trial date has been set for baltimore mayor sheila dixon. at a court hearing this morning, the judge postponed her trial on perjury charges for november the 9th. her trial had been scheduled for september the 8th. it includes new evidence against the mayor and brings back some perjury charges that were thrown out. dixon's attorney say they plan to file a new motion arguing state prosecutor has abused the grand jury process. >> we're going to
inflation and a drop in the u-s dollar... pose a bigger risk for higher gasoline prices in the next several months. plus the rulemaker. a market watchdog is poised to get more power in its effort to watch over investors. all that and more an om this edition of first business. small gains but gains and none the less in the month of august. welcome everybody. it certainly no horror story but the last time we actually saw stock prices this high was the week of halloween. we have to go to the dark days of october and november the last time we saw the stock prices. the gains have been pretty small in recent days as well as the volume which is still pretty low. nonetheless as long as these markets continued to rally in the last hour and three minutes of the trading session you got to take that as a positive. it seems to be less bad is kind of the name of the games and certainly late this week with the employment numbers due out at the end of the week, that is the expectation. nobody thinks the economy is the run of the dime, but maybe things are not getting worse. gasoline prices at the pump are
someone was using a firearm inside of there. >> it was pretty intense. when you get a chance to think about it, it happened so fast. once you realize when you were outside what happened, you saw the people running around. there was people that were shot and bleeding. it was a lot to take in. >> joining us now is dr. judy, clinical psychologist. how are you? >> you are welcome. tragic story. >> always good to see you. maybe we can learn something from this guy. what was his problem with women? i don't know if you caught this when i was reading it. >> no girlfriend since 1984. who knows why. i'm not ugly or too weird. no sex since july, 1990 when i was 29 years old. who talks or keeps data like that around. >> a lot of people feel rejected. there are men rejected, women rejected. you also read that he hated his mother and used some very nasty words toward her. when psychologically this kind of rejection from everyone. 30 million women, no sex. he is spewing this and blaming his mom. it gets very, very deep. most of us know how to deal with rejection and get over it. some people, like he
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us 4 "11 news today." >> this is a check and a forecast. -- on your forecast. >> we have some thunderstorms this afternoon. there is a front that is bringing the showers and storms. i want to bring your attention to the mid-tennessee valley where you see a lot of intense weather. some more heavy downpours associated with the system that dumped 6 inches of rain in one hour. that is going to our south. the front that is going to give us our showers is to the north and the great lakes. 70's across the board and going up between 87-91. showers and storms a role in this afternoon. ro ll -- roll in this afternoon. what does traffic look like? >> is on the business side. there is some -- a vehicle fire that has been put out on the harrisburg expressway and there is a problem in road ru -- route 1. a water main break to watch for. that is at falls road. road repairs continue in that area. here is a live in view of traffic. the white marsh area is running smoothly so far. no delays down in howard county. a pretty smooth the ride on the north side o
hello to everybody and thanks for joining us so early. beginning 95 northbound plus ten minutes to get from the prince william parkway to lorton. on 66 eastbound. no problems is what i'm tracking as drivers make their way past 50 to 495. that's what we are looking at here. here's 270 southbound. a little volume a is building around germantown road area to 370. no accidents or incidents there. on the outer loop, drivers are zipping by. a little volume between university and georgia. finally i give you 95 and the bw parkway out of baltimore past 198, powder mill an beyond, nothing but green cars. we are moving and i will send it over to andrea. >> thank you, angie. >>> we begin with a plea for help from metro general manager john catoe he says they need $150 million in federal funding for exam projects. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull , is live outside of the fort totten metro station with more. >> reporter: that $150 million is a drop in the bucket when you look at metro's long-term financial needs. and that's why metro's top man was on captiol hill yesterday singing tha
. >> he was fearful of not being used and yet not getting what he wanted. >> i thought he was like a p.o.w. with his fingers crossed. here's what that freed journalist laura ling said this morning about bill clinton. it got to me. here is he is. let's listen. >> and we were taken to a location, and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked. but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. and now, we stand here home and free. >> wow. mike, i was caught up in that emotionally. i mean, i walk in a room and there he is. now, i guess you know, regis philbin could have been there and she might have been just as happy but i don't think so. there's something iconic about big bill clinton. in a way he's his own thanksgiving day float. i mean, the guy is bigger than life, and here he is with the statement, you're free. >> well, sure. i think he said, there are very few people who could have pulled this off. maybe there was nobody who could have pulled this off. >> not because of what he di
the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked, but we knew we were shocked, but we knew instantly in our hearts that th the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> reporter: his mission accomplished, president clinton left the talking today to former vice president al gore, who founded current tv, where the women work. >> your families have been unbelievable. unbelievable. unbelievable. great hanna has been a great girl and which you were gone and your m your mother has been making your special soup for two days now. >> reporter: the women spent the shst of the day relaxing with reporter: tes. cial soup madel. by their mother. >> i know that there will be a sushi dinner at some point s extraordinarily relieved. >> reporter: today's menu -- fruit and that special soup made le their mother. neither woman gave any details of their ordeal today, but u.s. officials are certainly looking forward to hearing their story. president obama said today he was extraordinarily relieved. >> the reunion that we've all seen on television, i think is a source o
of the u.s. government, will open the way. i trust, to having bilateral talks, which is the key to getting somewhere with the north koreans respecting their sovereignty, their independence. it's an important signal. >> reporter: the white house says that clinton did not carry a message from president obama to the north korean leader. contrary to reporters by state media. >> this was a private mission that we weren't going to comment on. while the former president was on the ground in north korea and as a result of that, i don't have anything more to add on this at this time. >> reporter: however, the former president's visit comes in the midst of an international standoff between washington and pyongyang, over north korea's nuclear program. north korea has expressed a strong interest in one-on-one negotiations with the obama administration. but it says it won't return to the so-called six-party talks involving north korea, china, japan, south korea, russia and the u.s. >> they've gotten themselves trapped into increased isolation. that's not helpful to their -- to them ultimately. we, on t
for joining us. it is wednesday morning. howard is here with the weather. angie has traffic. she has early-morning issues we will hear about in a few minutes. >> that's right. >> let's get started with howard's forecast. >> some afternoon issues an here weather wise. this morning it is quiet. some clouds out there but they are high and thin clouds. this afternoon when the storms could be popping up an isolated strong one possible. let's show you what is happening upstairs. showers ahead of a line line. uld be on tonightco in on tonig to the morning. low 60s in the mountains. mid-70s here. looking at upper 80s and maybe near 90 if we get enough sunshine and better chance of storms in the afternoon. it is 5:00 straight up. time for traffic with angie and her issues. >> thank you, howard. we will be -- we will begin in leesburg. u.s. 15, all lanes are closed at emerald park drive due to an didn't. southbound is fine. to 66. here's a look. no incidents or accidents to report as we track volume through centreville. 270 southbound all clear commute past 121 so far. on the outer loop in maryland,
us to pull the plug on you. it sounds awful but that's the message getting out to a lot of people. >> certainly, they have taken parts of the plan and distorted some of them. some of them are legitimate concerns that some seniors have that some health care procedures may not be available to them late in life. but the one that they have really distorted is one that revolves around hospice care, and what basically that is is studies have shown if seniors write down a much more detailed -- not just a living will but real directives about what kind of care that they want, that then their wishes will be complied with and many times what they have found in states that do this a lot better than it's done nationally is that many times people don't want to die in an icu unit. they want to die at home with their family, and clearly -- >> i'm with you on that. fair enough. most people would be smart to make these declarations clear so their relatives don't have to make the decisions like in the schiavo case where the whole country got involved. senators got involved. members of congress were
saw standing before us, president bill clinton. [applause] we were shocked, but we knew instantly in our hearts, that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. jon: jennifer griffin is live with us. who won? >> it is cleared kim jong il in the north koreans have one. for years they have wanted some legitimacy for their country. america has always said they would only talk to them in six- partyç talks, including our allies. kim jong-il got what he wanted, a former american president. as much as the white house and secretary of state say that there was no quid quo pro, and that president clinton was there on a private mission, -- it may have been a humanitarian issue, but even u.s. officials are telling us that he was given a briefing by cia and others before his visit. he was briefed on the latest with what they were doing, and there is no doubt duringç that three and a half hours with kim jong il, the issue must have come up. jon: is it possible that they held these meetings and did not discuss these issues? >> look at who met bill clinton. the deputy foreign mi
, the white house and the state department, the u.s. government, was intimately involved in this mission. that they were in regular contact with the families. and that, in fact, once the north koreans indicated that bill clinton would be an acceptable envoy, the white house, the state department, did exhaustive vetting to make sure this was a legitimate offer. what they didn't want to do is send clinton over there, only to have it in some way rebuffed. you've been talking about some of these key issues. what this means going forward for relations with the north. the white house has really made efforts to decouple these two issues. mostly because obviously combining the issues would be dangerous for the jounchists who were still in custody. but also they wanted the north to know, as much as you may want to use this for propaganda re separate. just as recently as last night a senior administration official saying the north has never been more isolated with regard to the nuclear issue. this may be a way for the north to save some face, to find of reduce some tension, and of course, these ar
morning, everyone. welcome. we are very happy you are with us today. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith garvin in for joe krebs. here's a live look outside washington, d.c. >> it looks beautiful out there. we'll talk to tom to see if we'll have post card weather for july. >> we have a chance for afternoon thundershowers and it is humid this morning. e h aad e aofad sh inngn oup showing radar. no precipitation around the region. 74 in washington. the eastern shore themi 7 d-0. ts he mountains.umid, but you ,id but you can he tud c the clouds on the incr with thelo blips of i southern sthern west virgini waou snerit west virgini er thundowowers. no thundheow e showers could be movin o tr bmeeaartoy metro area by early rnteafoon. then maybe some passing thundershowers by tintotehis e. evs g.ouin about a 60% chance. otheisose,60 m ay m cloudy day with highsea rching the upper 80s. the sunrise would be at 6:13 and the sunset at 8:15. we could have continuing pasng showers through the evening. then by this time tomorrow morning, perhaps lingering showers south and east of washington as we
corporate jets although the air force wanted only one. the gulf stream 550 luxury jets will be used to transport top officials and members of congress. lisa sylvester has our report. >> reporter: remember this? the ceos of the big three automakers exchanged jets for cars after they were attacked for using company planes to get to congressional hearings in washington. lawmakers said it didn't look good that they were flying in style, asking for bailout money. >> couldn't y'all have downgraded to first class or jetpooled or something to get here? it would have at least sent a message that you do get it. >> good question. a question congress might ask itself as it faces a rising budget deficit. >> lawmakers on the house appropriations committee signed off to spend nearly $200 million to buy three new gulfstream jets as part of the defense appropriations bill. those private planes are to be assigned to the air force units that about 20% of the time shuttle congressional members around the country and the world. taxpayer watchdog pete sept thinks it's ridiculous. >> apparently, congress
with their families. while this is unusual and it was virtually unheard of during the bush era, the use of high-profile, unofficial ambassadors -- for example, like president clinton -- to negotiate with north korea, it's not a totally new idea. jimmy carter met with the country's founder, kim il-sun in 1994. that led to a nuclear freeze that only fell apart nine years later during the george w. bush administration. bill clinton sent secretary of state madeleine albright to meet with kim jong-il in 2000 and twice in the 1990s. then-congressman and now governor bill richardson of new mexico went to north korea himself to secure the release of american prisoners. joining us now is governor bill richardson of new mexico. governor, thank you very much for your time tonight. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, rachel. >> first of all, you must be delighted with this news today. >> well, i am delighted. i spoke to lisa ling, who's related to one of the two american journalists, and she was ecstatic. and i kind of have been working on this with the state department and with the north koreans and this
. joining us now the director of the north korea studies. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me here. >> the release now of the two american journalists, what message should we derive from this? >> i think we should see this mission for what it was, a narrowly defined mission to bring the two journalists back. despite the 3 hour conversation with kim jong-il, and i'm sure much was discussed, but in terms of perhaps carrots or promised to be made if north korea came back tothe discussion table, i think that remains to be seen. but we'll know that in the next few days. >> looking at the pictures sitting around that negotiating table. one does have to wonder what possibly -- what could the talks have centered around and you say this should become public knowledge but yet we didn't really know that president clinton was even headed to the area. do you think that we will ever find out what happened out of those talks? >> i believe so. because the press reports now show that quite a bit of a number of people have been involved in the discussion with the north koreans, th
economic stimulus plan to kill us growth. he will announce manufacturing plants, but officials say there are successes to highlight locally, signaling that the times are getting better. it says that it is great that he can return to committees he cares so much about and see signs of success. i hope that he will go way encouraged, and he should. there are encouraging indicators that the economy is turning around, but the battle is far from over. long term there is reason to be optimistic, but still thousands of unemployed in this county begun until all are back to work, he does not think anyone can say it is all behind. on the phone now is a reporter for elkhart, indiana. what do you expect a president to say today? guest: we learned today that the president and his vice president's appearance will announce $2.4 billion in grants as part of the federal stimulus funding for an electric vehicle battery manufacturing. these will go to 48 projects in 25 different states. indiana and michigan are two states hit hardest by the downturn and are receiving the most dollars for these grants.
it is time for the red line. >> this is bigger than us. this is not just about us. this is about jobs, lives, and generation yet unborn. >> boo, boo. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> if the project gets federal approval, construction could start in four years. >> senate majority leader harry reed said the senate will vote to extend the cash-for-clunkers program before they go home friday. mcdonnelle said the party will not ban the vote. and tonight your privacy is an issue. when car dealers logged onto the cash-for-clunkers website lately they were greeted with a statement that said the dealership website is considered government property. >> the government monitoring the programs, what kind of cars are turned in, and that's the heart and sole of the language. and as we have said, it has been rewritten to make it more clear. >> the original privacy statement was posted only on the website dealers could access. >> now that brings us to the question of the day, do you trust the federal government your personal information? so far 7 percent yes. 93 percent say no. kenneth from baltimore
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